Experiment 1:1

Dome of Visions is about action over talk, and is aimed at reaping new knowledge and experience in alternative designs, materials and ways of working together. At the same time, the Domes will show the way to new visions, by being the setting for conferences and debates about the sustainable cities and buildings of the future.

Dome of Visions is a place that seeks to inspire and collect visions and ideas for the future. It is a place that will try to see the positive angles after the impact of the financial crisis, rather than follow a dystopian mindset. It’s a place that will try to inspire bold new takes on the possibilities after the crisis, in an effort to try and bend the hardship into elusive opportunities. It is a place that lets people dare to imagine a brighter future than normally meets the eye in post crisis world.

Dome of Visions offers itself to everyone ranging from underground movements to international networks. There will be performances, concerts, mini festivals, workshops, talks, dinners, and pop-up parties. The vision for the stage, or what could be called the artistic or cultural angle, aims at putting poetry and the sensuous at the centre of the experience. Occupying an empty space in the city, this temporary building allows the creation of a creative gap in the heart of the city, where artists, entrepreneurs, local enthusiasts, and international networks can meet and share their passions. Dome of Visions provides room for experiments on a large scale. New worlds can be sought and found; great visions can be unfolded and manifested.

Photos by Jonathan Grevsen / Dome of Visions and Erik Mårtensson / NCC.