A green bubble

Dome of Visions is a temporary space-in-between. It positions itself as a suggestion on how to create vibrant life in urban environments and their cracks. Be it the cultural center, the construction site, a time between night and day, a place between the conscious and the subconscious, a state of mind between dream and reality, a state of matter between gas, liquid, plasma and solid, or the spaces between the you and the me, in the city.

Dome of Visions are dome-shaped greenhouses in the height of a three-storey house. The domes puts focus on sustainable construction, urban life, architecture and new ways of working together. The domes are transparent.. Inside are two-storey houses, shielded from wind and rain, surrounded by fragrant trees and plants.

The Domes challenge the construction industry and construction material manufacturers. How can we create buildings that are both sustainable in the broadest sense and simultaneously energy-optimized?

How can we develop cities if we must balance both daily life and ambitious climate goals?

Photos by Stine Skøtt Olesen and Jonathan Grevsen / Dome of Visions,  Erik Mårtensson / NCC.